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13 Project Ltd Edition
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Leszek Muroments (Breather)



The Breather is a limited production figure from our '13 Project' series of which only 13 will be built. Designed, assembled and customised by the talented Dorgmal Snow.


  • Robotic Arm
  • Stick Grenades
  • SIGs (static Interference grenades)
  • Water Bottle
  • Bio toxins Radiation detector
  • Veli Com (short range coms device)



Leszek Muromets

13 Project Limited Edition Figure

Leszek Muromets.

Leszek and his brother belonged Youth Mining Cor in the Old Russia Mining Conflicts.
Known as the toughest humans around, able to severe the harsh conditions of the mines and the constant struggle to survive in a inhospitable land.
All humans are referred to as Breathers as they have no augmentations of genetic modifications to be able to deal with the harsh environments and depend on gas masks.
After Old Russia collapsed Leszek lead a group of children out in to the chaos in the depths of winter.. AS the group matured they became a formidable force against IDEX Industries..

Prototype Shown

All 13 Project Limited Edition figures are hand produced by Dorgmal Snow and are limited in production to just 13 figures. The pre-order figure shown is a prototype. As each figure is hand produced the finish of the final product is likely to differ slightly.

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