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13 Project
In Stock

Hanroku Genocide Trooper (Deluxe)



The Hanroku Genocide Deluxe Trooper comes complete with all accessories - as shown in the attached image. Included is the additional Rocket Launcher.

The packaging on this figure will... read more


  • Rocket Launcher
  • Light up Helmet
  • L14M Combat Pistol
  • Dak K7 Assult Rifle
  • Removable Body Armour



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13 Project

Hanroku Genocide Trooper

The faceless Hanruko Troopers were the first fully genetically, physically and mentally engineered infantry soldiers.

Ruthless, loyal, fearless and deadly, they were deployed at the beginning of the 100 day war where they swept the globe, removing every act of hostile behaviour from the equation.

No might stood against them and their task. Of the millions manufactured only a handful were lost during the 100 day war.

Their fearful reputation spread across the globe... no mercy, no discussion, no survivors.

Production Figure Shown

The pre-order figure shown is of the production figure.

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